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FrSky Telemetry LCD - FLD-02 FLD-02 in stock

FrSky Telemetry LCD - FLD-02

1 Specifications: Model: FLD-02 Compatibility: FrSky DFT, DJT and DHT Dimension: 55*40*12mm Pixel: 128*64 2 Features: 1) Show all connected sensors...
CHF 29.90
In Saldo: CHF 8.97

FrSky Ampere Sensor - 150A S.PORT NEW! FCS-150A in stock

FrSky Ampere Sensor - 150A S.PORT NEW!

It is designed for FrSky Smart Port enabled system, and can measure Current (A) when connected between a Battery and ESC. Specifications: Mode:...
CHF 49.00
In Saldo: CHF 14.70

FrSky Mounting Stand (for DHT-U/FLD-02) FMS-01 in stock

FrSky Mounting Stand (for DHT-U/FLD-02)

CHF 5.90
In Saldo: CHF 1.77

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